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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why you should bother reading this...

I have a blog for my talk show on KRUI, Up Side/Down Side, but was itching to have my very own. What do I have to talk about you may ask? Ha, my life is always pretty fucking crazy...also I was dying to swear on my other one. FUCK! Ah, feel much better now.
Well, little about myself: My name is Molly Jane and I'm from Milwaukee, WI but spend most of my time in Iowa City, IA, where I live during the the school year. I'm a freshman at the University of Iowa, majoring in English with a focus in Creative Writing/Non-Fiction and a minor in Religious Studies.
I went to Divine Savior Holy Angels in Milwaukee, an all-girls Catholic high school. It was an amazing experience, but I realized how little some people know about other cultures and religions. I am Methodist, but when I say a love of religions, I don't mean just my own, I mean all. Seriously people, who doesn't love hearing the crazy fucks in Scientology or learning what really goes on in religious cults or how the Jews explain the Holocaust through the Bible or how Muslims show the relationship between Islam and Christianity??? Just me? Haha, yeah probably.
And the English-part of my education is fairly obvious to anyone who knows me. Though I was known throughout middle school as a theater girl and became a kind of "Theater Queen" in high school, but my love for writing and english has always been prominent. I'm currently working on a novel, Autumn Leaves, and have three more lined up for after the publication of the first. You are supposed to write every day if you're a writer, which I hear often living in a Writer's Living/Learning Community at Iowa.

Alright, now you know my educational background and intrests. Think I'm worth reading? Follow me!

Upcoming: my crazy ass family.

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