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Monday, April 12, 2010


It wasn't until college that I learned my love for exercising. When I was in grade/high school, I could get away with running a mile on a treadmill once a week, but now that just doesn't cut it anymore.

Now I exercise for 30-50min. three times a week, cardio and core strengthening exercises. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would enjoy this. The thing is though, I only really enjoy exercising when I'm by myself and in a pissed off mood. Strange, I know, but I get I high off it I guess. It seems that whenever I'm happy, that's when I procrastinate and avoid exercising. When I'm mad and hate the world, then I do what's good for me. Luckily enough, the latter emotion is more common than not.

Everyone has their own rituals for exercise and their own rythem or running playlist. For me, I have discovered that I hate running outside; I would much prefer a treadmill to an outdoor run. Why?! Many people I know find the treadmill and it's companions tedious and boring. I, on the other hand, enjoy the mynotony that allows my brain to wander. My ADD is evident when I attempt to run outside; every little thing distracts me. Plus, by the time I feel the weather is nice enough, I get overheated. I sweat like a pig--seriously--and outside is just too much for me. Plus, where the hell am I supposed to put my water bottle?! I drink tons of water (this dates back to high school and unless you've ever attended DSHA, you wouldn't understand) and can't go on long runs without water by my side.

But most of all, I feel like I have to be "prepared" to run outdoors. I never know where to run so that I'm not running into people. Some over the years have suggested just running wherever and having an adventure. Being a person with a severe lack of direction, this is not a good idea for me; I would end up worrying too much about where I am. I know the University of Iowa campus pretty well as a second semester freshman, but I still get lost if I wander too far. I went on an "adventure walk" and ended up amidst the College of Medicine buildings on the west side of campus, completely turned around. Hell, I still get lost in my hometown of Whitefish Bay! At least at home, I have lake Michigan to keep my east and west straight.

So yeah, I'll stay in my nice air-conditioned exercise facility and on my stationary treadmill with the cup holder, thank you very much.

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