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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cosmo Magazine: My Love-Hate Relationship

Don't get me wrong, I love Cosmo magazine just as much as the next girl. From a young age I would sneak away from my mom at the pharmacy to go peruse through the pages and giggle at the dirty sex sections. Alas though, I was never allowed to subscribe to it as a teen...and probably rightly so.

My freshman year of college, my roommate brought a huge stack of Cosmos from home and we would read and re-read the issues many a weeknight, as well as stealing new issues form our friend down the hall. I had a boyfriend briefly at the beginning of my freshman year and thought that all of a sudden, Cosmo would mean so much more to me because I could possibly use the love advice. I had always read the sex sections with a naivete and blush of the cheeks, but the sections on relationships? Usually skimmed.

Now that I am twenty and re-reading my beloved Cosmo with more knowledge under my belt, I find that the sex and relationship sections seem more like a guy's fantasy than anything to do with a girl. The sex sections are all about pleasing the man, or "helping" the girl figure out how to help herself without ruining the precious self-esteem of her guy. Very few times have I gotten anything useful out of those sections that wasn't common sense or something that I'm sure is utterly false. I love the fashion sections (though I'm a sucker for Vogue when it comes to fashion), the random real life stories about a murderer that seem to follow some dirty section on orgasms, and the steamy reads at the end are hilarious to me from a literary standpoint.

Asking guys to look at Cosmo and tell us if the "What He's Really Thinking" articles have and validity to them, the answers are, in my experience, usually no. I don't want to read about the reasons he justifies cheating to himself, why he thinks he deserves sex, and decoding his bad moods so I can give him a break from a tough day even if he's been acting like an asshole.

Granted, I have never been in a relatively healthy, stable, normal relationship, but I don't think that would drastically change my point of view. I love Cosmo, I really do, I just hope that women take what is said at face value; maybe something to whip out on an anniversary, but not to take the emotional suggestions for women too seriously.

I'd love a magazine that wasn't all about finding the perfect guy, how to find your future husband, how to keep your man content so his eyes don't wander, and how to make your body more appealing to him. A magazine about sex? Anyone who knows me well (or barely knows me, really) knows I have an utterly filthy mind, and Cosmo is essentially a sex magazine, but I'd be nice to see one that wasn't so misogynistic.

Anywho, mini-rant over; this does not change the fact that I still love Cosmo and will continue to read them, especially if Lea Michele is on the cover.

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