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Monday, March 28, 2011

I Love My Sisters

I've mentioned before that I joined a sorority in the fall and I'm not sure if it would be appropriate for me to state which sorority it is that I belong to, not that I have anything negative to say about it! On the contrary, I'm writing today about a package I received from my best friend, Michelle, her mother, and my sorority sisters.

I had been told by two of my sisters that they had gotten cards signed for me and were sending them over, but it still was an amazingly pleasant surprise when I came home from my Japanese Philosophy study session (which consisted of three students asking a question, with the professor answering those three questions over an entire hour) and saw this giant box inside my apartment door.

The cards were simple birthday cards, and there was nothing overly profound written inside them, but it was seeing all their signatures and hearing that they missed me that really touched my heart.

Looking at me, I'm not the "sorority type," which there is such a thing to many people. I may have blond hair and am petite, but in no way am I some crazy party girl (not all the time at least...), drink constantly with frat boys, or am drop-dead-gorgeous. However, I'm not trying to say I think I'm ugly, just that I'm not that stereotypical pretty and am more, as a friend once put it, "quirky cute."

The truth is though that sororities aren't all about parties, boys, makeup, and naked pillow fights (sorry for the fantasy-ruin-er, men). These girls are kind, compassionate, hilarious, generous, and know how to have a good time completely sober, which cannot be said for most other college students I know. I was worried when I first pledged; what if the girls didn't like me? What if it turned out I made a horrible mistake and am stuck now forever? Thankfully, this has turned out to be far from reality.

My fondest memories with my sisters from the fall are not in bars or parties, but from my new member retreat, eating greasy food and watching movies late into the night, going over to the house to watch Glee on Tuesdays, decorating cupcakes, coffee dates, semiformal, and making gingerbread houses. This fall I gained seventy-some new friends, and I cannot imagine my life without them. I miss them terribly and can't wait to see them all in the fall for recruitment.

People look at me weird when I tell them I'm in a sorority, a confused look that says, "Really? You don't seem like an idiot slut to me!" It makes me sad that this is how we're viewed and even sadder that this is how I viewed sorority girls myself before I became one. Someone once asked me if I was embarrassed to wear my letters on campus or to lectures for fear that teachers wouldn't take me seriously.

No, not for one second.

I wear my letters and lavaliere on campus and to classes, in Ireland as well, with pride and have never been shown disrespect from any teacher or professional; it is only the students who seem to have a problem with the group of which I am a part. I hope that people can open their eyes up to Sorority Life and even if it isn't for them, at least to recognize that we are not bad or stupid people. We are college students and girls, just like you, just with a few Greek letters on our shirts.

I'm glad I joined my sorority. I wouldn't trade it or my sisters for anything.

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