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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Procrastination, Essays, and Unexplainable Smling

Somehow, I need to stop telling myself, "Don't worry, Molly, you can crank out a 1,500 word essay and/or 2,500 word essay in like two days. Why bother working on it now?" Something tells me this is not such a good idea.

Wrote a kick-ass introduction to my Roman Imperial History essay...until I talked to my teacher who said not to focus on any one role of imperial women (I had chosen to focus on wives and mothers). Then, mister professor, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO ZERO IN ON?! Pretty sure I'm just going to go ahead with it anyways; I didn't exactly explain my thesis that well to my professor in class today.

Japanese essay: finally think I understand (or at least well enough to attempt a 7/8 page paper on) the life-and-death concept and how I could, hopefully, connect it to euthanasia.

So great, I know where I'm going with both papers, I have all my sources relatively organized, one intro paragraph down, and I don't have to technically turn either paper in until next Friday.

Hm, I just tried to convince myself to do my work, and somehow just talked myself out of it.

I cannot concentrate at all today (though there may be other reasons for that one...) and was completely consumed by the gorgeous weather outside. The birds chirping, the flowers blooming, the smell of freshly cut grass, and the brilliant blue sky made me smile incessantly. I cannot stop smiling today, but why?

There are loads of reasons, I guess. Here's three things I came up with:
1) The weather, as I've already said. I'm not seasonally depressed (that's more of a year-round thing), but the sun is rather invigorating. Getting used to the rain of good ole Irish-land is like getting used to the crazy ass ice/snow storms in Wisconsin: if something is around for long enough, you learn to adapt. Nevertheless, when the dark clouds subside and the snow melts away, you think to yourself, "Holy fuck, why did I ever tolerate this for so long?!" Look at me, cursing myself *knock on wood* as though I've seen the last of rain in Cork. Even so a beautiful sunny day makes me almost feel like I'm back at home.

2) My spring break trip is only two weeks away. I'm spending the month of April (that's right, we get a whole month!) gallivanting across Eastern Europe with my housemates, and boy is it going to be one hell of an adventure. It's getting down to crunch-time; finding accommodation and figuring out timetables is doable, but it's the little things that you forget about. Also, wrapping my head around the fact that I'm going to be visiting eight countries in the span of thirty days with little to no sleep is daunting, frightening, and exhilarating! The work put in will be worth it all, I'm sure, it's just the anticipation that's got be all giddy.

3) Thinking about how much fun I've had in Ireland and how excited I am to be going back home in two months. This is a definite double-edged sword because as much as I love Ireland, I miss Wisconsin/Iowa even more. And as happy as I will to be in America again, I'll miss everyone I met here in Cork, the beautiful country, and the freedom this semester has brought me. Anyways, it makes me smile because I think about what I'm most excited to go back to in Wisconsin and/or Iowa:

WI- My sister, my brother, my step-siblings, my parents, my doggie, my bed, the local mall, Forever 21, Panera Bread, Brugger's, Alterra, my neighbors, my old high school friends, Summerfest, the Wisconsin State Fair, Lake Michigan

IA- Which Wich, Java House, Teaspoons, Pancheros, B-Dubs, Jimmy Johns, Pokey Sticks, the Old Capitol, the English-Philosophy Building, my bestie, my Delawarean-lover, my sorority sisters, our sorority house, Silver Spider, CVS, walking by the Writer's Workshop with a mixture of awe, sadness, and hope

Most of all though? STARBUCKS. Seriously, I have a problem; an intervention is probably in order.

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