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Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Tammy and Sammy" Part II

So I finished some of my paper, am giving up continuing for the time being, and decided I'll type up/post the rest of "Tammy and Sammy." The second half is my favorite part, I have to say, so I hope you enjoy it as well.

"Tammy and Sammy"
Days, weeks, months passed by as Sammy slipped into a deep depression. Tammy diligently checked in on her sister more and more and became increasingly concerned about Victoria's torment; her bullying was very apparent in their high school by now. But what could Tammy do? All she knew to do was be there for her sister as much as she could, though theater was taking up most of her spare time. Tammy knew that Sammy was a strong person and that she could endure this as long as Tammy was there for her. The two sisters always believed that no matter what problem faced them, they could conquer it together. Cliche as it was, it had been true for most of their lives.

April 22nd, 2010 at 10:30pm, Tammy came home from a dress rehearsal and headed upstairs to check on her sister. The hallway light was on as usual for Sammy. Something was out of place though; Tammy could sense it. She has rushed home from school because she had this feeling that something was wrong. Tammy knew, staring down the second floor hallway, that Sammy was not okay.

Her door was shut.

"No, no this can't be happening," Tammy thought. Before she opened the door, she knew. God, but she didn't want to be right! Her hand shook uncontrollably as she turned the door knob and swung it open, turning on the bedroom light.

In that moment, Tammy couldn't breathe, couldn't think, couldn't do anything but scream. She screamed and cried out for it to be a lie, for it all to be some horrible nightmare that she would wake up from at any second. She moved in slow motion, running toward her sister, stepping on the empty pill bottles at her sister's feet. Her father came rushing in and pushed Tammy away to cradle his baby girl in his arms. Her mother was close behind him, sinking to the floor right outside the door frame, unable to move any closer.

It was the day that Tammy's world ended.
She looks at her watch; it's time to go home before her mom starts to worry. Looking at her feet, still shuffling through the dead leaves beneath the bench, Tammy remembers what everyone was saying in school yesterday about Victoria.

Victoria has been discovered the night before, in her room, hanging from a noose. Half of the school is in shock, the other half isn't surprised at all. After what had happened to Sammy six months ago, Victoria surprisingly enough was overcome with guilt. It was the unspoken truth in their school, Tammy thinks, that everyone knew that it was because of Victoria that Sammy took her life.

It hurts Tammy, knowing that people are more obsessed with Victoria's death than her sister's, but in the end it doesn't matter to her. She does feel something, Tammy guesses: love. She loved her sister, her best friend. And without her...

She looks again to the tree with their carving and this time smiles. She wants to stop grieving, to stop closing up to her parents, to go back to theater and her other passions and enjoy her senior year. Suddenly, she senses something next to her and the being ever so gently touches her leg. Tammy turns her head and her face brightens.

"It took you so long today, why did you keep me waiting, Sammy?" Tammy says to her sister.

"Seriously, Tammy, stop being such a drama queen! I'm here now, right? Besides, I think you should stop coming here anyways, you don't want people to think you're crazy, you know, sitting on a bench talking to your dead sister's ghost."

Tammy nods, knowing her sister, as much as she hates admitting it to herself, is probably right.

"I'm sorry, Sammy, really I am, I just thought if I..." her voice trails off.

"Don't be silly, Tammy, how could I ever be mad at you? I love you girl, but seriously, go home to mom or she's gonna ground you again."

Sighing, Tammy nods to her sister, pulling the backpack off her shoulder to take one final inventory.

"I should probably go, you're right, I guess I'll be seeing you around then, Sam," Tammy says in sadness, knowing she can't come back here again to see her sister.

"If you would just go to sleep for once, maybe I could see you then, Tammy. I'll try tonight if you do, but only if you leave the hallway light on. I'm not coming in your room if it's pitch black."

Promising to leave the light on, she hugs Sammy and stands to leave their spot. Tammy unzips the backpack, grabbing her cell phone that's lying on top. She wonders once more, should she feel guilty?

She lifts the rope from her backpack that lies on top of the sharp kitchen knife she had used. Her fingers gently play with the frayed edges of the twine; its power resonates with Tammy as she wraps it around her fingers absentmindedly.

"No," she realizes, stuffing the left over rope further into the bottom of the backpack before zipping it up again. "I don't feel bad at all," she says with a grin.

She chucks the backpack deep into the trees and heads back up the bike path; she needs to get home soon or she really will get grounded. For the first time in six months, Tammy is looking forward to going to sleep tonight.

*The inspiration for this story came from a terrifying nightmare I had about my sister dying. I then started to wonder, "What would I do if someone hurt her?" FYI, I have never hurt or killed anyone for hurting my sister! This was more the idea of what a person is capable of when their family is threatened.*

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