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Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Far Too Many Wishes"

Poem from the heart, so to say, written around midnight when my mind is running round and round full force and thoughts bombard my senses. Here it is:

"Far Too Many Wishes"
Want to smile
But it feels fake
Want to keep my eyes dry
But they betray me and water again
Want to sleep through the night
But keep waking up and staring at the stars
With far too many wishes in my heart

Knew it would sting
Though never expected hurt like this
Head throbbing
Stomach in knots
Hands trembling
Heart crying out into the dark twilight hours

Words losing meaning
Memories only increase the suffering
But I want to remember!
Forgetting isn't an option
So where do I begin?
Don't want to believe it's real
Yet denial never lasts long

Was living in a fairy tale
Coy smiles
Blushing knowingly
Sparkle in the eye that refuses to fade

Twisted sheets
Light sprinkling through the window pane
Sleeping morning eyes
Holding one another as tight as possible

No, stop!
The thoughts bring back the lump in my throat
The unbearable tightness in my chest
Stop imagining, pretending, hoping
Looking for answers in nighttime skies
Because when the lights dim and the world sleeps
I lay awake with a heavy mind to start
And far too many wishes in my heart

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