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Friday, June 10, 2011

My Mother's Diary

My mom, who passed away three years ago, kept a journal from '93-'98 of me and my sister and brother growing up. There are some hilarious entries in here that make me smile at how true they still are today, and ones that absolutely warm my heart. Here are some from this treasure of a diary from my late mother, Sarah:

August 23, 1993~
"Molly is an absolutely wonderful big sister! She is so good to Stephanie. She gives her kisses and hugs (without prompting) and loves to talk to her and make her laugh. There still doesn't seem to be much competition because of jealousy and we feel blessed."

October 1, 1993~
"[Molly's] sentences are really coming along, she constantly amazes us. She knows many words to songs and picks up on everything we say...She's a sponge with learning right now and it's really fun to watch."

"People are always telling me how beautiful my girls are and how friendly and fun Molly is. It makes me feel so good."

December 3, 1993~
"Molly and Stephanie continue to be crazy about one another. Molly can make Stephie laugh like no one else."

"Molly is continually asserting herself in most situations. She's a born leader at 2 1/2. She loves to perform and tell others what to do and where to go."

January 18, 1994~
"Molly's sentence structure is more and more complete each week."

"Molly is so lovey to all her family and still remains a class act in the drama department. She can turn tears on and off like a light switch."

September 1, 1994~
"Molly is really struggling with control. She wants to have the higher hand with me and Dave and I'm not quite sure what to do."

"She has a wonderful quality about her (one of many) that she always wants everyone to be happy. If one of us or her friends is sad she insists and persists with her mother-like comforting. Molly is a very emotional, sensitive, caring, and generous little girl. She's one of a kind."

September 14, 1995~
"Molly is so good to both Stephie and Nicholas. She has such a loving nature and being sweet, gentle, and caring comes so naturally to her."

December 17, 1995~
"[Molly's] getting so independent, going to friend's houses to play without me and walking up to the school by herself. She's really growing up."

November 17, 1996~
"Molly continues to have the special quality in her that makes her be kind and accepting of just about everyone. I still marvel about this and how mature a quality this is to have mastered at such a young age. I love everything about my Molly. She's as sweet, kind, and lovable as they come. She has a great memory and understands concepts and stories the first time she sees or hears them. I wonder what she'll be when she grows up."

"I am so lucky to have my three angels. They make my life whole and complete. I would be so empty without them and my life very lonely. Thank you God for these special treasures in my life, they are a true blessing."

February 16, 1997~
"Molly just turned 6 and is very proud. She continues to do well in school. Her 'thing' now is to walk around reciting math addition and subtraction problems. It's quite impressive for her age. She's getting so tall and weighs just over 45 pounds!"

May 22, 1998~
"Molly continues to stay busy with Brownies and Student Council. The bowling field trip and pizza party with the Brownie troop was fun and we have the overnight at the Girl Scout office coming up on June 5th. The kids on Student Council were all taken on a special end of the year trip to a Brewer game yesterday. Molly had a blast and came home with a big smile on her face. I'm sure the cotton candy and popcorn helped."

I will be forever grateful for this amazing little journal.

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