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Monday, June 13, 2011

Starting to Get Settled In...I Think?

Finally (sorta) got a job as my stepmom's personal assistant, running various errands, grocery shopping, driving the kids around, and odd jobs around the house. I'm surprised with nine people in this house (eight when I'm not here I guess) that she didn't demand one sooner. Anyways, today was my first day of "work" and for the most part was a success.

Took the dog to the groomer and the youngins (what I call my two youngest siblings) to a friend's house, went grocery shopping, and took clothes up to Good Will. Doesn't sound like a whole lot, but it definitely took up most of my day and for that I am thankful! It was nice not to sit around for hours on my computer without a purpose. Now when I do sit down to my computer, I feel the urge to write since my time is limited. Sometimes I forget how much I love being busy.

I might as well introduce my siblings now since I mention them so much. Stephie, my biological sister, is eighteen and headed to Winona State in the fall to study Music Education. She and I have been inseparable since she was born and best friends for as long as I can remember. Her voice is beautiful and though it can get on all our nerves sometimes, I know she'll do great things.

Next in line is Nick, my biological brother, who is sixteen and a great athlete. When I came home from Ireland and he said, "Hello," I laughed and told him to talk in his regular voice. He said that was his voice. He sounded just like my father! In the course of two years, I've gone from being the tallest of Sisson children to the shortest.

Brady, fifteen, is my stepbrother and a brilliant soccer player. He annoys the fuck out of me a lot, but he's cool for the most part. And as much as I hate to admit it, he's hilarious almost all the time and can crack anyone up regardless of their mood. Even though he'll deny it til the cows come home, I know for a fact that he missed me while I was gone.

Ariel, my stepsister, is almost fourteen and just graduated middle school. She's a strange combo of mature beyond her years and being crazy as hell. We love shopping together and having impromptu photoshoots. Next to my sister, she's my favorite car-companion. I only get to see Ariel half the time which sucks, but it makes the time with her that much more valuable.

DJ, adopted by my stepmom and then subsequently by my dad, is my youngest brother at eleven. The fact that he's going to middle school next year boggles my mind. He's smarter than the world gives him credit for, I think, and I cannot wait to see what he does with his future. Introducing him to Harry Potter was one of my proudest moments as a big sis; seeing him loving the books is truly rewarding.

Jaida, ten, was also adopted by my stepmom and then by my dad when they married and is the youngest of the Sisson clan. She's a little firecracker, that one, and so cute that it's almost unfair. When she's being sassy or a pill, I can never stay mad at her for long because she's just so fucking adorable! She says the most random, hilarious things and I love to give her piggy-back rides.

Our dog Lucy, four now I think, may not be one of my siblings but I take care of her like she is a child. She's a bishon-shitzu mix (also known as a teddy bear dog), black and white little puff ball and so docile. People that are afraid of dogs love her and she can melt the coldest of hearts. Whenever I'm upset, she'll nuzzle up against me and lick away my tears until I laugh.

So there you have it, my plethora of siblings in a nutshell! Spending time with them, getting to spend so much time with my friends, and driving most days is making this summer tolerable considering my emotional withdrawal from Ireland. I was talking to a friend from back in Cork the other day and he said, "I cannot believe it's been only two weeks." Almost three now, his statement knocked me on the head with the reality that barely any time has passed. How will I feel after one month? Two months? A semester? A year? When will it get easier? The same friend promises me it does and I believe least, I want to believe.

This weekend, I get to go away for a bit which will be nice. I could use a little "me" time and with only twenty year olds. It may be a small road trip, but I'm certain it'll be one to remember. One of these days I need to drive over to a craft store (or search through our basement for any of my mom's leftover crafty materials) for a scrapbook for my Europe trip. I collected metro tickets, entry passes, postcards, Starbucks receipts, and other random pieces of shit.

That trip was unforgettable and reminds me why this last semester was so important for me: I got to travel the world with a freedom I've never known and discover myself day after day. I don't know if I'll ever have an experience as powerful as Ireland/Europe, but these memories will stay with me forever. This scrapbook will be that reminder of hungry days, sleepless nights, friendship, strength, perseverance, poverty, stale smelling clothing, and enough stories to fill a lifetime.

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