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Friday, June 3, 2011

Things Missed and Not Missed

As I have now passed the week threshold of being out of Ireland (not yet a week without tears however, still working on that...), I am reminded of what I'm lacking over here and what I'm okay leaving behind. So, things I do and don't miss about my apartment, Cork, and Ireland in general:

I don't miss how shitty the lightbulbs were (or if it was just that our apartment was an expert at burning through them in less than seven days).

I don't miss our horrible couch which was deceivingly comfortable looking. It was the most anti-action-getting couch in the world; the cushions slipped right off if you moved more than an inch once you were already sitting down. Come to think of it, it's rather ingenious, more parents should consider investing in one of these.

Similar to above, I don't miss our (almost) equally horrible chairs that were again deceitful.

I don't miss the blank stark walls of our apartment. They weren't even white (which would make me feel like I was in an insane asylum), but an odd off-white. When I did video diaries, it looked like I was sitting in an empty, rather sad studio of a show that was about to be canceled.

I don't miss our nasty carpets. We decided early on it was futile to clean them.

I don't miss our shitty tiny washing/drying machine that could wash about three shirts and, literally, took six hours to dry.

I don't miss the rain. It's not even rain though, or drizzle, it's mist. And when it does rain, there must always be wind.

I don't miss having no natural sunlight or a parking garage outside my window.

I don't miss the ungodly slow internet. I cannot believe I ever complained about internet at school being slow; I promise I'll never complain again!

I don't miss hand-washing dishes. As much fun as it is to wash each spoon individually, it's even more exciting to throw them all in sans extra work.

I don't miss my bed and the back-breaking mattress.

I don't miss stores closing at 6pm.

I miss eating boxes and boxes of digestives with Natalie and always being able to justify going out to get just one more.

I miss talking with Alicia about anything and everything and laughing hysterically at the things that came out of our mouths.

I miss hearing Cassie playing her guitar and/or singing in the other room.

I miss discussing House, Bones, and Glee with Maura frantically the morning after episodes aired.

I miss Harry randomly walking in to our apartment.

I miss Brian and his go-to catchphrase: "Like a champ!"

I miss James always knowing the best new Youtube videos and his kickass bachelor pad.

I miss all the mountaineering club and Wednesday nights at Tom Barry's where I'd get my pot of tea with a Snack bar.

I miss Honey Cheerios. I became rather attached to my morning cereal.

I miss the UCC campus (even if I don't miss the classes at all) and the Quad that made me feel like I was at Hogwarts.

I miss Tesco and doing my own grocery shopping and cooking, because even though my cooking skills are highly limited and I didn't have a lot of cash to work with, food shopping is fun.

I miss Centra coffee, muffins, and baguettes.

I miss having my own apartment because though almost everything I said I don't miss is from that place, I miss the freedom having it brought me.

I miss being able to drink legally, just walk to the convenience store and buy a bottle of wine. Less than a year to go but still, it is missed.

I miss the Irish people as a collective whole: funny, welcoming, and never dull.

I miss the Irish accent; I got so used to it by the end that unless I heard a really thick one on campus or something, I would forget I was in a different country.

So there you have it! There are countless more, I'm sure, but those are the ones I can come up with off the top of my head.

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