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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Foul Mouth

I have frequently described myself as a "lovable dork with a foul mouth" and for the most part, it's a pretty accurate representation of myself.

I created this blog as a writing outlet but more importantly, if any potential agents/publishers research me in the future, they will see what my writing is: honest. My books are littered with profanity, but only in the certain context. I think back to a passage in Steven King's book "On Writing: A Memoir" in which he says swearing in literature when necessary is perfectly acceptable if not a must. Substituting fake swear words (oh sugar, shut the front door, darn it, fudge, etc.) is insulting to the reader and takes away from character development.

In my own life though, this theory can somewhat apply to my daily choice of language. I never swear at work, in public places (loudly...), in front of my young siblings, in front of company or my parents (excluding the occasional slip-up of "bitch"), or in any professional situation. Why? I'm not an idiot. With my friends though, they best be anticipating plenty of f-bombs and other colorful words filling the air. My friends have learned over the years--especially my high school friends who have been dealing with this for six+ years--that attempting to censor or lower my voice in general is futile.

I swear because I want to, not because I think it makes me seem cool or edgy. For fuck's sake, I'm twenty years old and that excuse for my coarse language is only usable for pubescent teens. For some reason though, some believe this isn't a good enough reason and I'm not even trying to argue the shitty, "Free speech, man, free speech!" point which has been beaten to death repeatedly. Yes, I can understand that I should watch my language on my Facebook page since I am in my twenties now and should be treating it more professionally. Yet what does that have to do with my own life?

Many hate the idea of swearing because of the social acceptability. I have never understood the problem since being afraid of a word or series of words is beyond ridiculous. Words can hurt and certain ones said in anger can hurt more than anything. For me, I can never utter the n-word and even reading it in a book is uncomfortable, and the c-word still makes me cringe and I was surprised by its commonality on college campuses.

Though above all of these words, I believe the one that hurts me the most is "whore." Am I saying I've been called this before? Sure, many girls have (which is just the start of the issue), but when said in complete sincerity it can dig deep. Slut, on the other hand, I feel is a word girls can take now and make positive as women of a post-feminist era. This however is different than me screaming "FUCK!" when I stub my toe or run into something (which does happen far too frequently).

I think what I'm trying to say is this: "fuck" is my favorite word in the English language; I have mad respect for this magical four letter word. If I was writing an honors thesis and could somehow do one that wasn't Creative Writing, it would be on the history and development of "fuck" throughout the years. It can be an adjective, verb, noun, pronoun, adverb, and pretty much any part of speech. Yet the use of this one-syllable utterance can cause huge waves in the world. I find this hilarious.

Anywho, this post has ended up being more scrambled than I hoped, so here are the points I think I was trying to make:

1) Swear words are words, period.

2) Words can hurt, so chose yours carefully.

3) Speak how you want to as long as you are not harming anyone else, including yourself.

4) Don't swear in professional situations or in front of family because, like many other things, we change ourselves to be more reserved in this company for our own image (professional) and sanity (family).

5) Think about how you're using said words and if you are doing it to get a reaction or try to seem cool. If you are and above the age of twelve, ...I have nothing to say.

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