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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Laptops in Class are a Problem

Sitting in my Earth Science lecture, obviously working very hard on...whatever it is we are talking about (okay, it's geological time, I know that much!) and obviously grasping this complex concept. Having taken this class in high school and rocking it then four years ago, I'm not that concerned for my exam Thursday. Or maybe I should be? Not quite sure.

What I am sure about is the exam I failed yesterday in Latin. I think it's funny I want to get a tattoo in Latin someday even though I suck at the language. I love Latin, I honestly do, but translation has never been my strong point; when I did German my freshman/sophomore year in high school, I excelled until we had to start speaking almost exclusively in German. Fuck that shit. So I switched to a language that did not require such oral exams (don't let your mind go dirty mine does...) and did well until translation. Translation is the death of many Latin students for I am convinced it is more challenging than most languages (minus the Asian languages which are challenging for various reasons). Latin was once described to me as a giant puzzle; each word, participle phrase, sentence, poem is its own jigsaw puzzle.

Too bad I hate puzzles.

Well, only two more semesters to go and hopefully my professor will be merciful when I beg her forgiveness upon return of our exam papers. I excel in English classes, hence why I became an English major. It makes sense to me. I can handle math and science to a point but once the ideas go beyond my general knowledge, I shut down. Math bothers me for it demands one, specific answer. I like a certain amount of ambiguity. Science is even worse for it employs the dreaded math with the added need for comprehension.

I often wonder how much these things will be beneficial for me in the future. Beyond helping your children with homework...I can not give you an answer as to why I need two science classes with one being a lab. Part of me wants to figure out a way to use this shit so my time isn't entirely wasted.

Side note: currently the professor is talking about half-life. I think I grasped this concept freshman year of high school. Ugh.

My weeks are filling up quickly, with homework, studying, papers, and what not. This semester, I have five classes, two of which require attention (Film&Lit and Earth Science), one that requires a great deal of attention (Latin III), and two I expect an A in (Creative Writing and Acting).

Then I need two CDC events for my scholarship, two meetings with my CDC adviser, keeping in contact with my friends, keeping up with my friends from home, theoretically finding some sad excuse of a romantic life, and going out at some point.

Sometimes I miss the good old days of high school when my biggest concerns were when I would have time to watch all of my many TV shows that were on at the same time on school nights. I miss free time; not "Ireland" type of unlimited free time, but a bit would be nice. I know deep down though that stress and a busy schedule keeps my grades up and my spirit perky. Stress fuels me. Yippie.

Maybe I should pay attention for the last fifteen minutes of class...or do a bit of online shopping for dresses...

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