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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happiness Is...

My blog posts are becoming farther and few between, but I blame this on my insane schedule rather than my lack of desire/ability to write worthless babble.
Monday- class 2:30-8:30pm
Tuesday- class 9:30-5:30pm
Wednesday- work 6:30-11am, class 2:30-4:45pm
Thursday- class 9:30am-1:45pm
Friday- class 2:30-3:20pm
Saturday- work 11am-3pm
Sunday- work 11am-3pm

Somewhere in there I need to find time to keep myself from failing out of Latin III, study Earth Science, compose analytic emails for Film&Lit, and write responses for Creative Writing stories in which I have little interest. Oh yeah, and work on the minimal amount of homework for Basic Acting. Beyond this I need to see my best friend once a week to catch up and spend enough time with my boyfriend (one month and counting).

I'm making up my "possible" schedule for next semester and I'm liking it a hell of a lot better. I put possible in quotes since I have an early registration date so I will most likely get all the classes I want. What I want to take: Shakespeare, Religion&Pop Culture, Roman Poetry (Latin IV), Basic Acting II, Performing Autobiography. Looks like a great semester, right? My two toughest classes will by far be Latin IV (obviously, for me at least) and Shakespeare.

The class is with one of the better known English professors on campus and I hear she's a GPA crusher...and also a genius. As a rather huge fan of Shakespeare myself, I knew from my freshman year I wanted to take a class--this class specifically--from her. I've had to wait til now because she won't let you in if you are an underclassman. I only have one more English class after Shakespeare til I'm done with my major which is exciting and saddening. I need to push myself and challenge my abilities, and taking a class from this professor will be my needed kick in the ass or my downfall. Here's to hoping it's the former.

Insanity aside, I'm happier right now than I have been since I left Ireland, happiest in Iowa since maybe my freshman year. If you guessed why, you probably guessed right: my boyfriend Eldon. Last night, we were laying in his bed listening to the music coming from Studio 13 near his apartment and I leaned over to his smartphone to play a song on YouTube: You and I by Ingrid Michealson. And yes, to add to the cheesy-factor, it is "our song."

He turned to me and said, "I have a hard time telling you just how much I love you...'I love you' doesn't seem like enough."

I nuzzled in his chest and smiled at his adorableness as my heart soared. How did I get this lucky? People like me don't get this kind of shit landing in their laps. Somehow, I lucked out and got the sweet guy who gets me, loves me for my imperfections, and doesn't mind me in sweatpants with no makeup. He makes me feel safe and beautiful all wrapped into one. I couldn't ask for much more.

So yes, I may be a bit head-over-heels right now, but I'm hoping the ride isn't slowing down anytime soon; I'm not ready to get off yet. It's been one month today and I feel like we just met and like I've known him forever. I truly love him and yeah I may be insane (actually, definitely insane), but I'm okay with that for this moment. In this moment now I am happy and sometimes that's all I ever ask for.

Thank you God for giving me a reason to smile: family, health, friends, and someone to love.

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