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Saturday, April 7, 2012

End of The Year Laziness

It hits us all, doesn't it? That period after spring break when you want to be like, "Fuck it all," and sit outside in the sun instead of studying your ass off? Except for myself, since I'm a sad pale female who hates being exposed to sunshine for long.

I just updated my countdown on my Google homepage to change from my sorority's formal that was last weekend to the end of the school year. Only 35 days to go. 35 days? I can hardly fathom that time. How is it that I'm this close to being a senior in college?

You get to that point of the year when you think, "Well, this will be a stressful week," and you look in your planner to see how bad the coming weeks look...and they look worse. Much worse. I have two papers I'll need to write next weekend which I cannot write now since I haven't seen the movie or play I'll need to watch for the papers. On top of that, my boyfriend's sister is getting married next Saturday, so that means Sunday will be hell on earth.

During this coming week, Wednesday is the four year mark for my mom which brings about obvious breakdowns and sadness. I feel bad for my boyfriend, Alex, because I'll need taking care of even though he's stressing out hardcore. He understands though and says he'll be there for me and I know he will, but I still feel bad nonetheless.

The next week I'll need to crank out another Shakespeare paper which I have no idea how to write. Scratch that: I don't know what the fuck to write about. This has become the usual though, no? Beyond that, I'll have to prepare for a Shakespeare exam which I can only imagine will be terrifying.

Religion and Contemporary Pop Culture is pretty much done with since I finished my position paper, but I don't really know how I'm doing in the class. My participation score should be excellent but my grades across the board have been B's. We've had a couple super short papers that I got check minuses on and I'm guessing I'll get a B overall.

Latin is decent at the moment in that I'm not failing. Hoping to pull out a C-? That might be a bit too hopeful. Having a tutor this semester was a lifesaver and I'll definitely need one next semester as well. Only one more semester, I keep telling myself, only one more then no more Latin ever.

Performing Autobiography is going great and I expect an A in that course. I'm thrilled for my third piece which examines the different types of sex a person can have and how each sexual experience strips you of your innocence and makes you more vulnerable. I will literally be stripping down to my bra for this piece. First performance is Tuesday and I hope it does well.

Basic Acting II has ended up being kinda a bitch to deal with since the instructor is a ridiculously hard grader. You give me a B on journal entries for a theater class and a B- on a reflection paper? Really?! I'm pretty sure if I get lower than a B+ in an acting course I'll end up punching someone.

Work is fine and I'll be working 40 hours a week in the summer and hopefully will have Friday through Sunday off. I've figured out living arrangements for the summer and the fall...pretty much...and will confirm these things in the coming weeks.

With so much planning and running around like a crazy, I'm desperately trying to find time for myself. Whether it's squeaking in an episode of TV, spending the night at Alex's frat house, having a drink with my friends, or grabbing coffee with my bestie, my me-time is far and few between.

The other day I got a check in the mail for a reimbursement of $150 the Credit Union still owed me from my old savings account with them. Maybe some retail therapy will help with my impending stress. In the meantime though, writing shitty and unfocused blog entries will have to be enough.

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