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Friday, May 25, 2012

Beginning of Summertime

Original title, I know. I just woke up from a nap to bids chirping outside my window. I'm settled in now in my apartment for the summer with one of my besties, Gianna. She's off at the hospital most mornings working and I'm raking in 30hrs a week at my smoothie job. Each week though I get a few days off which makes for lovely laziness.

I've missed living in an apartment, though it is nice to have one with some natural sunlight.
Living in a sorority house was quite the adventure and though I'm glad I did it, never again. As much as I love my sisters I cannot live with thirty of them. How does drama always seem to follow me? I shall never understand.

Alex is on his way over and we'll partake in some necessary post-work-week-raging and head off to his hometown nearby for the day tomorrow. He's doing a 5K in Milwaukee in late July which means another excuse to visit the homeland for a couple days. I'm looking forward to going home solo for a week for the 4th and enjoying some Summerfest. I may not miss my suburb at all, but Milwaukee has a special place in my heart.

Things are going...well. Nothing much more to it than that, no crazy revelations, notable writings (except for the chapter I'm currently working on), friend problems, grade/school worries, or love-life concerns. Mondays are going to be my main "writing days" and though I'm still getting into the swing of the summer, I know I can manage at least that. And, Autumn Leaves will be done in 80 days (the beginning of sorority recruitment work week). This I know.

I managed a 3.0 for the semester, brought my GPA back up a point and a bit, and finally passed Latin III. I did decent on my finals considering how much effort I put into a few of them. This past semester has been my first in which I genuinely enjoyed every one of my classes. Shakespeare and Performing Autobiography were obviously my favorites and taught me more than any college classes thus far.

My stepmom is due with the twins (Soren and Maisey) in a couple months and my siblings seem to be doing well. It freaks me out most though to think my sister finished her first year in college and that my brother and I are both preparing for graduations next year, his high school, mine my undergraduate. It's strange that babies will be present in my house for the first time in over two decades but I'm excited for more wee-ones nonetheless.

I miss my friends back at home in Milwaukee and I miss summers with Stephie, but the change of scenery is doing wonders for my mood. Summers used to stress me out and make me itch with a need to escape my home. Now being away from Wisconsin makes visiting something to which I can actually look forward.

Being in Iowa City for the summer has been wonderful so far; it combines all the great parts of the school year minus the classes. You forget sometimes how much there is to explore in this lovely city and I want to have a couple adventures myself in the next few months. Most of all though, I hope I can get used to all this time spent at work.

Dear Smile on My Face,
             Please don't leave anytime soon. Mkay, thanks.
Love Always,
            Molly Jane
First day of summer

Summer nights are entertaining

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