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Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Trash/Treasure

Holy crap has it really been a month since I blogged? That is sad. It's not that I haven't had anything to say (hell, I always have too much to say), in fact I'm usually muttering my random thoughts to myself under my breath. This is what happens, people, when I'm single, my talking-to-myself increases tenfold!

Anywho, I've had this idea for a blog for a while, and it will either appear hilarious or really stupid (that's most of my entries, let's be real). The idea is what we possess, especially the random shit, are the things that define us most. If we each took a second and looked around our rooms, we'd realize how much they say about us. I've done this experiment with friends before with purses/wallets and seen how much we could deduce from the various objects. It's freaky how much you can figure out.

So here, in no specific order, are random things in my room:
  • Empty bottles of beer, rum, wine, hard cider
  • Shakespeare action figure
  • Mom's old journal
  • Cork map and Irish flag
  • Lots of dirty laundry
  • High school graduating class photo
  • Tropical Smoothie uniform, hat, tumbler
  • Box of condoms
  • Piles of books, including:
    • Works of Shakespeare
    • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
    • Annotated Hobbit
    • Collection of Fairy Tales
    • Virgil's Aeneid Book 2
    • Dracula
    • Bible
    • Koran
    • Mockingjay
    •  Latin to English dictionary
  • Teddy bear
  • Pill bottles
  • Lipstick, eyelash curler
  • Nail polish
  • Converse 
  • Bunny ears
 There you have it. A snapshot of my personhood through the things around my room. Does it tell anything about me, or am I just that conceded? Probably a bit of both. And think for yourself, what does the stuff you carry around say about you? Usually, the results are funnier than profound.

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