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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Home for the Holidays

I've been home for almost a week now and go home next Wednesday. My days have mainly been spent cuddling babies, cleaning up drool, changing diapers, and trying to stay still when Soren or Maisey fall asleep on me. At five months they're starting to develop more recognizable personalities.

I knew I wanted to be home for the holidays at the very least, even if it means missing a whole paycheck's worth of work. Main reason for wanting to be home? I'm not gonna lie, it's for my dog and the twins. But mainly the twins. This was their first Christmas and there was no way in hell I was missing out on that.

Every so often when I hold them, I have the realization that someday I'll have kids of my own and that that day will end up sneaking up on me. By the time these little nuggets are my age, I'll be over forty. I'll most likely be married and have a couple kids by then. Isn't that insane? No seriously, looking into their little eyes and realizing I'll have someone doing that to me is a bit jarring.

Anyways, observations on the twins at this age:

Soren is insanely smiley and his giggles are infectious. When he's on his back, he instantly wants to roll to his belly, but gets upset because he can't quite figure out yet how to roll back. There is something about his feet, I swear to God. Those feet need to be in his mouth along with his socks. His cheeks demand squeezing (and by demand I squeeze them whether or not he likes it). When he sees his mom Kari his whole face lights up and his eyes follow her every move. I can already tell he will idolize the shit out of Nick. Nick likes to bounce him on the couch and when he does, I've never heard Soren laugh louder. His joy in his bouncy seat is my favorite. He has this blue elephant he got for Christmas he absolutely adores. Soren is a cuddle-bug. I think he'll be an adventurer.

Oh dear Jesus, that tongue. Maisey and her little tongue. Every time she laughs or smiles or stares into the distance, that tongue of hers is waving and moving around. It looks like she's constantly trying to get something off of her cheek. She has this melon head and these big monkey ears. I call her my little monkey. Her favorite thing to do right now is grab your finger, any finger, and gnaw on it until drool is spilling out of her mouth. She'll switch up which finger she'll suck on and grab onto your hand with hers. The thing about Maisey is she doesn't coo as loudly or as frequently as her brother counterpart. Maisey is more of a thinker. She'll look at you with her big, wide eyes and her mouth in a little "O", just staring. She will hold this position as long as you will let her. I think she'll be a dreamer.

I don't want to say goodbye to the wee ones in a week, but I have to. Sure, I miss Iowa City like crazy and Wisconsin gets old after a while, but I don't get baby cuddles all the time back at school. I do miss the downtown scene (because, ya know, I'm such a party animal...meh) even if I don't utilize it enough. I'll get a taste of that though in Madison for New Year's Eve with my best friends from high school. Eight years strong, guys.

Soren and Maisey, I can't wait until you're old enough to understand what I'm saying to you. But in the meantime, I will continue to bounce you on my lap and give you life lessons. Main one to Soren: girls love a gentleman. Main one to Maisey: class goes a long way. Love you both.

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