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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'm Freaking Hilarious and Other Realizations

Over the years I've gathered a couple things about myself, more personal than overall thoughts on the world. Some things I've learned:
  • I need alcohol to produce creative writing. Not a lot, albeit, but a beer or a glass of wine goes a long way.
  • I spend far too much time on Facebook.
  • I will never have the wardrobe or fashion sense I try to portray on my Pinterest. Or make those crafts. Or cook that food. Basically, my online life is an utter fantastical lie.
  • I can never date anyone who can't have intellectual conversations, and nerd-tastical conversations about Harry Potter. Or at the very least, share my love for it.
  • Love can sneak up on you, and it can shatter you completely. It can make you happier than you thought possible and make you want the world to end. But I've never thought it wasn't worth it.
  • New friends are a tricky thing. If someone has crazy eyes, they are probably a bit crazy. If someone tells you someone is not a good person, listen. Follow your gut.
  • Any guy who texts you past 12am (who you aren't dating) isn't worth your time.
  • People don't like sad people. If you're sad, write it in your journal or dream diary or make a sad video or something. Bitching to people about your petty feelings will win no friends.
  • I sometimes forget how much I love to read. And not on some electronic device; I want to read a real paper book. I want to crack the spine and smell the new book smell.
  • Having a combo of pop culture knowledge as well as current events will make social situations bearable.
  • Rarely say no to an invitation to do something. Not wanting to put pants on isn't a good excuse. It's way too easy to shut the world out and sit in the dark.
  • You can love something even if you suck at it. Examples: Latin, dancing, and singing.
  • I can get into funks rather easily. It takes really special friends to pull me out of them, and I have to remember I have those special people in my life.
  • Cutting is never the answer, it only makes things worse.
  • Drugs are rarely the answer, it only dulls pain.
  • Sex with and kissing strangers is sometimes the answer, because things are fun.
  • Alcohol is almost always the answer, as long as you aren't by yourself.
  • I like to think I'm funnier than I am...
  • Scratch that, I am as funny as I think I am. Totes.
  • I avoided long hair for far too long simply out of stubbornness. 
  • Popular things don't always suck, but sometimes they really really do.
  • My life is pretty swell, and I forget that often.
  • Having a big family is actually kinda awesome.
  • Sleep is the shit. So is chocolate. And pokey sticks. Pretty much anything greasy or fatty or unproductive.
  • As unproductive as I am, I am ridiculously effective at bullshitting.
  • Being nice to everyone may make some people thing I'm weak, but the truth is I'm too lazy to waste energy on being nasty. 

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