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Monday, March 4, 2013

Only A Couple More Months

It's March. Holy fuck, it's March. I recently applied for my degree and now I'm wondering how long until I'll be ordering my cap and gown (the thought only now just popped into my head). My social and love life seem to have evened out and I'm finding enough time to hang out with good friends and my boyfriend amidst a relatively easy semester.

Right now, I have about six different PowerPoints up in various windows, cramming for a Classical Mythology midterm at 2pm. So of course instead of focusing on that, I come and write a blog post. I'm not too worried for it, since I studied a fair amount last week and have a good background in mythology to begin with. The coffee sitting to the right of me is my new best friend.

This year, this semester even, have been flying by faster than I ever thought possible. The job search has begun, though I'm thinking right out of college I may want to do something low-key like bank telling? Or an administrative assistant? Something away from managerial in the slightest. My Tropical Smoothie manager job is secured through July, but I can leave really at any point once the semester ends. And I'm only now realizing I need to start looking for a place to live for once I move out of my apartment in July.

I've put off my scholarship requirements until now, of course, because I like to make myself suffer. But I still have a good two months so going to three events should be fine. I am a bit worried though since the calender looks rather empty for the month..I'm hoping they just forgot to update. I'm working on a story for a class for which I have little investment and need to come up with another in a couple weeks.

I know my parents do this because they care, but the whole, "What are you going to do to support yourself?" thing has increased ten-fold to being a part of almost every phone conversation. I'm certain I'll be fine, really, but the panic in my dad's voice is doing little for my upcoming graduation anxiety. I graduate in eleven weeks. I'm starting to feel like the cliche senior who doesn't want to graduate and suddenly has no idea what she wants to do with her life. And that feeling increases daily.

Chelsea and I

Me and my best friend, Michelle

Me and Luke at my birthday

Mardi Gras with Ceci
If it wasn't for the great friends I have in my life and my loving (albeit pressuring) family and great boyfriend, I would be an emotional wreck right now. I need the support more than ever in my college career and I thank God for them every day. These weeks are going by too fast, the days are not as long as they were my freshman year, and spring is quickly approaching. All I can say is I'm thankful for my friends and for alcohol briefly keeping my mind off the impending doom of true adulthood.

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