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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Beauty in the Little Things: Wedding Day

Our wedding day this past Friday, from start to finish, was perfect. Perfect is a word that gets thrown around a lot and is rarely genuinely meant, but I'm not kidding when I say every tiny aspect of this day was everything I had wanted and more. Since it's been a couple days, I decided to write down my favorite 30 moments from the entire experience. Photos from: Adam Wesley, Ceci Lamonica, Angela Kroner, and myself.

Little things and moments I’ll never forget:
1. Waking up and running around the hotel room yelling, “It’s my wedding day!” and dancing in the shower.
2. Being all dolled up and in my wedding dress while me and all the bridesmaids sat around the hotel room eating Pizza Lunchables.
3. Walking up to Luke and seeing him in his suit for the first time, and getting to see his face when he saw me.
4. Stepping into the venue for the first time and seeing it sunny, beautiful, and everything I had possibly envisioned.

5. Having my dad walk into the venue and seeing me in my dress. He started walking, had to pause for a moment to gather himself, and then gave me the biggest hug.
6. Joe asking the photographer to take pictures of him chasing geese.
7. Seeing Nick dance with Maisey in the empty dance floor pre-ceremony.
8. Luke coming into the kitchen, where I was hidden away pre-ceremony, and having a moment just the two of us before the commotion. He was sitting on a cooler and I was next to a mop bucket. I grabbed his hand, and he smiled into my eyes. It was all I needed.
9. Nick and I sharing a beer in the kitchen before the ceremony.
10. Standing with my dad in the entrance of the ceremony hall with the flood of sun coming in just as the large swell of the processional hit.

11. Luke sobbing when we were finally standing in front of each other at the altar. I started laughing, which made him laugh, and we both snickered while wiping away tears.
12. Looking at Soren and Maisey sitting with Kari and both of them continuously throwing flower petals throughout the ceremony. It kept me from crying the entire time.
13. Luke holding the ring in his hands but forgetting he had to put it on my finger.
14. Me trying to put his ring on the wrong finger.
15. Going up to see the reception hall before everyone else arrived and it being everything I imagined.
16. Taking a moment before the reception to stand outside in the Beer Garden, just the two of us holding each other, looking over the water and the beautiful weather and smiling.
17. Luke carrying me into the reception to “Good Golly Miss Molly” and me smiling so widely my cheeks hurt.

18. All of the reception speeches, but specifically three things:
a. Ross saying to Luke’s parents, “But I just married your kid, so there.”
b. Joe’s entire speech and me crying-laughing so hard my vision was blurry.
c. My dad making his cringe face when telling embarrassing stories about me.
19. Our first dance and talking about the most random mundane things while it happened, which somehow made it more beautiful.

20. My dad and I talking about pop culture references during our father-daughter dance.
21. Taking photos in the misty weather outside in my reception dress by the lake.
22. Singing “Make You Feel My Love” to Luke while we slow danced and him tearing up.
23. Dancing hard to all the early 00’s music with my friends.
24. Knee-slapping circle to “Danger High Voltage” and most people being frightened and confused.
25. Epic late-night photos with the photographer completely changing my mood when I was getting annoyed about a couple small things. It was so romantic and intimate and perfect.
26. Having a drink of scotch with the photographers in the kitchen before they left.
27. The dedication to my mom with “Seasons of Love,” and the giant swaying circle of every wedding guest singing along together. It was more beautiful than I could have anticipated.
28. Everyone dancing really hard to “SOB.”
29. Coming back to chocolate covered strawberries and champagne when we got back to our hotel room.

30. Sitting on the floor of our hotel room, laughing about the day, and sharing a bowl of chili from a small shop around the corner before going to bed.